Tinnitus treatments that work!

Find out how Neuromonics frees you from “ringing in the ears.” Watch and read these  stories from patients and audiologists.

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Walt Tarpley

“I talked to several audiologists. Not one of them had any good advice for me. They told me I could spend tens of thousands of dollars and still get no results. It wasn’t a good situation.”

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Beth Alberto, Au.D.

“Most of my tinnitus patients come to me in tears. They are desperate. I can help them, though – help them keep their jobs, be good parents, regain their lives – with Neuromonics devices.”

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Saul Tave’s Story

“Even my wife’s voice became painful to me,” said Tave. “I found myself asking her to “shoosh” frequently. That’s not good for a marriage! We’ve been married almost 52 years and want to keep going. It was my wife who prompted me to seek help.”

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Patricia Harrington, Au.D.

For more than 30 years, Patricia Harrington, Au.D., has been treating many types of hearing problems at her practice in Largo, FL (www.calmthenoise.com). Her interest and treatment of tinnitus started in 2009 after seeing more and more reports of tinnitus across the country.

“The underlying audiological issues of tinnitus were just beginning to be understood,” says Harrington. “There so much more research into tinnitus now than just five years ago. It’s a growing field.”

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Dr. Peter Penico’s Story

A trip to the movies nearly derailed Dr. Penico’s career. The film’s volume was unbearable, and two weeks later, the tinnitus set in, leaving Dr. Penico with a career-altering decision. It was either use the Sanctuary™ or think about quitting his job.

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Chris’ Story

When landscape gardener Chris Booth went out to meet up with friends for a drink one night 20 years ago, he didn’t realize that it was a journey that would change his life. On the way there, a drunk driver ran into him head-on. Chris was thrown into the windshield, bashing his head on the steering wheel on the way through. While he recovered quickly from the physical injuries, he believes the accident was the start of a lifetime of tinnitus.

Emma’s Story

Graphic designer Emma had been living with tinnitus for five or six years before she woke up one morning to find the noise had escalated out of control. This marked the beginning of what Emma terms her ‘quest’ for a cure.

Janet’s Story

I love my job as a first grade teacher. In thirty seconds, my life changed when I had a headache that was unbelievable. Two days later, I found out that I had a sudden hearing loss in the right ear and then the ringing. That loud, annoying ringing in my ears was so hard to take. I had to do something. That was when a tinnitus specialist recommended the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment.

Michael’s Story

Michael had always been cautious about his hearing. As a hunter he was aware of the dangers of hearing loss and took more precautions than most to protect himself. But an accident no-one could have anticipated led to the onset of tinnitus and a desperate search for relief.

Russell’s Story

I was first aware of having tinnitus when I was about 14, about 30 years ago. I thought everyone had it, that it was part of growing up. Yes it bothered me, it was horrible, but I just lived with it.

Simon’s Story

The tinnitus came first. I was in my last year of high school when I first noticed it, just a high pitched noise that came and went. I didn’t know what caused it, I didn’t go to rock concerts or night clubs and I was never near any kind of noisy machinery as a child. At first, I didn’t go to the doctor because it wasn’t so bad at that time.

Sophia’s Story

I was told that nothing could be done for my tinnitus by my ENT and that I needed to live with it for the rest of my life.  I am a “non-standard” tinnitus patient in that I developed tinnitus as the result of an acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma). The tinnitus became worse after surgery and I also developed a sympathetic tinnitus in my good ear. I used to feel tortured by the non-stop loud sound.  I had difficulty relaxing and falling asleep because of the tinnitus.